fixed version 0.94 is now released

The bugfixed version 0,94 is now released:


* new (fast) zombies after the first quest

* a new NPC after the first quest

* a second quest

* an easteregg (watch out for the mushroom)

* extra-life items after the first quest

* 2 new weapons in Sadies shop (a tactical Magnum and a rifle with laserpointer and precision aiming)

I hope, you´ll accept my apologies for the buggy version 0.94 and I hope you´ll enjoy the new version (btw. you can use your old save games in the new version - just compy them in the folder Downtown Z\Files\savegames)

have a nice weekend


Downtown Z 0.97 1 GB
Version 0.97 Apr 01, 2020
Downtown Z 0.97 1 GB
Version 0.94(fixed) Nov 22, 2019

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