OK - wtf there was another bug with levele loading

I apologize for the new level-bug, which I´ve haven´t recognized until this morning :-( while I was testing the game it worked fine, but now I´ve recognized the problem and trying to solve it...this is very weird...I´m sorry but I hadn´t enough time to test, becaus I was working on "Coulrophobiac", my submission for the Honk Jam (which has no bugs, because it´s a pretty short game)

I´ve made the former versions visible, so you can download and play an older version without bugs...I´m working on this new bug for the release of version 0.95 - I´m sorry for not recognizing the new bug, next time I will be testing more

thank you for your patience


Downtown Z basic 0.90.exe 527 MB
Oct 30, 2019
Downtown Z 0.91.exe 662 MB
Nov 03, 2019
Downtown Z 0.92.exe 896 MB
Nov 07, 2019

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