Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Horror?

First ,I want to apologize for my bad english - I´m nota native speaker.

TDASP was my first game and I did not took very much thoughts about things like game design or story. I made this game with the Software GameGuru and I experimented with the game-assets of this software.  So, the first level I made (Level 2) is a mix-up of arabian-looking buildings, a european church (surrounded by a cemetary) and medieval houses here and there. As the main enemy I had Zombies (with some ai issues), because I´m a great fan of the undead...

Level 4 "The town of Kheta" (also available as standalone) is a medieval town with all those towers and citywalls and even a cursed castle...

Level 5 is a biiiiiiiiiiiig dungeon-system with a lot of key puzzles and very different enemies like Knights, Orcs, Demons and .... Zombies

Level 6 in two Words: Jurassic Park

Level 7 is a modern style city, with streets full of different zombies and some surprises

In all my levels are tons of things to discover - inevery level, you can discover access to a cheat-level, where you can get 2000 health, some special weapons an ammo and access to all levels of my game (finally I want to implement some alternative versions of my game)

thanks for your attention and greetings



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Oct 10, 2019

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