Story...damn I need a story

There I was: I had the software to make my I own game, I had some huge Levels in a kind of running order but I had no story to link them together. And this was my problem - I started with a semi-fantasy-setting, then there was this Jurassic Park-Level and the modern weapons...

Then I got an idea: dimensional travelling. I love Star Trek, Doctor Who and Rick and Morty and these shows delivered the solution for my problem.

At the moment, the "story" for my game looks like:

you are a nameless traveller in a nocturnal fantasy eorld, you meet a female elve and she sais, that there is some kind of problem, you´ll have to solve in more than your own dimension. She sais also, that you should pass a portal in a cave behind her. And there you go - you walk through the portal and explore the levels...

this "story" isn´t very creative and not very good narrated but it does, what it should do: give some kind of explanation for the journey.

Unfortunately I wasn´t good enough in lua, to tell this story in that way I intended to do it but this will be the final step in my development process

please download the demo and take a look on the beginning of my game



the duncanart shooter project demo.exe 743 MB
Oct 10, 2019

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