Some thoughts about my first game

Making my first game was a lot of fun and hard work but the game had some weaknesses, because I wasn´t good in scripting and the naming of the game was bad

When you look at Downtown Z, Coulrophobiac and Coulrophobiac 2, you might have noticed the money-/shop-system - that was at first planned for TDASP, but my scripting skills were too bad. I had implemented a free money-/shopsystem from another game guru user, but after two long days of adding this system in my game, I had too see, that it didn´t work correctly: some weapons weren´t buyable for the price I had modified in the price-list of the script, some money pick-ups didn´t work correctly und some scripting mistakes killed the whole gameplay, beacuse the game quitted with a runtime error, so I had to remove all items with the incorrect script (it took me a week, because I forgot, where I placed the items) - you can see the result of this problems in the second level of the game, where you can find a merchant in the city, whose weapons and ammo are all free

The second big problem is the ai - you can see it in allmost every level of the game (especially at the end of the second level, when the zombies spawn at the cave entrance - they are standing around and doing nothing)

Maybe I´ll redo the whole game in future, but then, I´ll would gave it a better name and a good synopsis (in fact, I have some Ideas about a bigger universe around my games, but it´ll take much time to create this meta-plot)...

If you play the game, I hope you aren´t disappointed, because the game has a lot of things, that I could do better, but it was the first game I made and it takes a lot of time to play all levels and find all secrets of the game (in fact, you can access a cheat-level from allmost every level) - I think,if you know all my other games, you can discover some ideas for this games in TDASP too (especially the City full of zombies in the last level of the game - this was the prototype of Downtown Z)

Hm maybe some day I´ll remaster TDSAP, to create the game in that way, it was planned

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