A downloadable game for Windows

"Coulrophobiac" is a game, which I made for the Honk-Jam...In this game you´ll have to get out of a graveyard, where clown-zombies attack you

I´ve just added a new free weapon in the repetition of the first level...it´s a sci-fi sniper rifle

It´s a pretty short game, but I hope you´ll enjoy it

Development log


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Here is an official let´s play containing some spoilers

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

Grüße zurück aus Deutschland...Danke für Dein witziges Video (auch wenn es mir leid tut, dass es so frustrierend für Dich war)...die Sache bei dem Spiel ist die: man muss den roten Lichtern, die angehen zu dem Baum hinter der Spielerposition folgen (das Spiel ist ein wenig fies)...das Problem mit dem zu lauten Ssound muss ich nochmal überarbeiten (allerdings kann man es ein wenig leiser stellen, wenn man auf die Musikleiste unter Sound-Levels klickt)...Und zur Engine - Japp Game Guru hat echt Macken und Probleme aber der Einstieg war für mich relativ esay ich habe es als Einstieg in die Programmiersprache LUA benutzt

Vielen Dank für Dein Video - ich fand es echt unterhaltsam

Love love love this game! It was AWESDOME! Made you a video: 

Deleted 54 days ago

Thank you for your video - this was GREAT...Congratulations - you´ve found all weapons and keys...it was fun watching...I also shared your video on my facebook-page...If you want, you can have a look at my main project "Downtown Z" (one of the clown zombies has a cameo^^) https://nyarlathotep198.itch.io/downtown-z

AH HELL YEAH! Np at all. I'm gonna check it out now :O! 

Thank you - I hope, you enjoy it (it may have some perfomance problems, because it´s a little bit too big)

I love your youtube channel

thank you ^_^

I habe to tank you <3

BTW - Your new video is AWESOME

Definately enjoyed it! Was pretty creepy. I'm not sure I found everything before I escaped in the Lambo. I included it in a video I made, unfortunately I couldn't get the audio to record...not sure why, but I found the soundtrack in the local files and edited that in. Hope you don't mind!

Cool - Thank you for the video...If you wish so, I could send you the audio file from the soundtrack

Ok - I got the Problem: unfortunately the music is a little bit too loud on the default settings...I had to laugh loud at your John Wayne Gacy-comment...this video is pretty cool - I share it on my facebook-site...Thank you very much