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Build 0.96 is now available
I have solved the issues with the ai and now I'm porud to say, that a new version including lvl 5 is now available and I'm working on the next chan...
1 file — 0.96
the latest version could be the last
I was working on the latest update and tested it...Unfortunately I´ve discovered some AI issues (the AI of the clowns seems to be totally broken and I have no...
Just finished the new music for the 5th level
As the title says, I just finished the new music for level 5 and I just uploaded a mp3 of it as a teaser...You can download it and use it for your own projects...
1 file
The official T-Shirt is now available
I´m proud to announce, that the official T-Shirt to the game is now available visit
1 file — 0.95fixed
Build 0.95 is now available
I´ve finished Level 4 and added a new feature: If you´ve completed the game, you´ll get access to a special cheat-level, where you can travel to every single...
1 file — 0.95fixed
Version 0.94 is now available
The new Version ist now available I´ve finished the 3rd level and fixed some bugs, to improve the performance...the new version also contains an unfinished lev...
1 file — 0.94
level 4 is under Construction
I´ve made the decision, to develepo at first the way through the labyrinth and do later the polishing. What does that mean? The levels in future updates may ch...
1 file
I discovered a bug in level 3
Unfortunately I found a bug in level 3...I forgot to link the shotgun ammo in the shop sytem...Just copy the new shop-ammo1.lua intto the folder "coulrophobiac...
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