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Development is unfortunately in pausemode
Because this game is in rating for the 3D Jam I can´t uploade a new version of my game...the problem is, that I found out this, while version 0.96 was in the t...
working on a new weapons script for version 0.96
I´m working on a new script for buying weapons It will make adding new weapons for me very much easier (and this means, that adding new weapons in future will...
version 0.96 is in development
I am deloping version 0.96 and I would like to tease a little bit * I´ve implemented an autosave function, which saves the game at the end of every level * I´...
Version 0.95 is tested and now available
The brand new version 0.95 is now released! NEW FEATURES: * a completely new soundtrack made by Days Of Grace (AWESOME!!! I love these guys) * some hints to fin...
1 file — 0.95
Version 0.95 is coming up with a surprise!!!
Version 0.95 is coming and I´m proud to say, to me it was a Big surprise * I have the agreement of a professional band, to use their music for my game - Please...
version 0.94 is finally fixed and working how it should
The final bugfixed version 0.94 is now released: I apologize for the level-loading issues (i had to change the folder structure to avoid problems) features: * n...
1 file — 0.94finalfix
OK - wtf there was another bug with levele loading
I apologize for the new level-bug, which I´ve haven´t recognized until this morning :-( while I was testing the game it worked fine, but now I´ve recognized...
3 files
fixed version 0.94 is now released
The bugfixed version 0,94 is now released: features: * new (fast) zombies after the first quest * a new NPC after the first quest * a second quest * an eastereg...
2 files — 0.94(fixed)
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