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Version 0.97 is out now
The new version is now available new features: - new, retextured zombies - overhauled interface - new tutorial screens in level 1 - level 1 is now smaller to im...
1 file — 0.97
Version 0.97 comes with some changes
Version 0.97 is ready to upload the new features are: - the interface was overhauled, to make it more unique - the first level is smaller, to enhance the perfor...
bored of always the same zombie models?
...if you can answer the question with yes, I have some good news for you with the next update, there will be modified zombies - I have retextured the shirts of...
1 file — 0.97
Version 0.96 is now available
The new Version is out now! New features: * new shop system implemented with changing weapons per level * new weapons added...
1 file — 0.96
Version 0.96 is tested
Ok...I´ve tested the latest build with the new shop system and it was a horror - I had to remove all melee weapons after level 1 from the shop (indeed level...
new Version is in testing
after a break in development, I´m creating the new version the new shop system was a kind of pain in the ass, but I hope, it´ll work muchg better, than the ol...
Development is unfortunately in pausemode
Because this game is in rating for the 3D Jam I can´t uploade a new version of my game...the problem is, that I found out this, while version 0.96 was in the t...
working on a new weapons script for version 0.96
I´m working on a new script for buying weapons It will make adding new weapons for me very much easier (and this means, that adding new weapons in future will...